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With the most affordable & competitive rates for Themed Trivia Events in Australia


It's the popular choice for Family Friendly & Adults Only nights of fun and fantastic entertainment.

We’ve seen some of our larger venues boast numbers of between 200-600 players per event. So if you’ve got the space, we’ll fill it!

TMA Themed quizzes are only limited by your imagination, but allow us to provide you with a few suggestions...


Bring everyone together for a fun, interactive night full of their favourite questions and games.

RUNNING: 2 rounds of quiz questions, including audio and video clip questions and games, all centred around the event's theme (run time approx. 2 hours (further charges apply for 2 hours+)

PRIZES: Suggested 1st 2nd 3rd and last place. (Prizes could include bottles of wine, gift vouchers, lollies & choccies, wooden spoon etc).

FOOD & DRINKS:  Cater the event around your theme (i.e. Cocktails - The Flaming Moe (The Simpsons)| Joey's Pizza (Friends) etc.


So if this sounds like just the sort of entertainment that you would like to have for your event, please fill in the TMA Booking Form, or call our main office on (02) 8005 0039 or email us at,

Someone from our friendly team will then be in touch with you regarding your enquiry.

We look forward to hearing from you.

‘Don’t let your next event be trivial…let it be TRIVIA!’

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