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Isolation has never been so much fun!

Born out of lockdown is TMA's ONLINE TRIVIA
Corporate, Fundraiser & Social Events (rates & info sent on request)

Maybe you're looking at bringing your corporate team together for a well deserved, online, face to face, team building experience. Or maybe you feel that it's time that your school or sporting club members need to touch base in a fun, safe way. Or even if your friends and your family could use a catch up that is full of fun trivia and games in the comfort of your own home - TMA's Quiz Quarantine is the perfect solution!

How it works:

-You form a team with anyone in your home/office/work space,  THEN...with the help of Zoom, you can all come together in your own 'TEAM ROOM' that can include ANYONE, ANYWHERE (just provide us with your TEAM'S name, and we'll send you the link and rules of the event. SIMPLE! 

On the Day:

-After familiarising yourself with the instructions provided, and downloading the FREE and LATEST version of Zoom, you simply click on the link we provided you and follow the prompts. When you arrive, be sure to 'rename' yourself to include your Team Name (if applicable), and your TMA host will then allocate you into your pre-assigned Team Rooms (you may also do this yourself). These rooms will open prior to the event starting, to allow you to start socialising with your team members, with Quiz Quarantine kicking off at your designated time (PLEASE DON'T BE LATE). Alternatively, you would have been made aware that you will be randomly assigned teams, which your TMA host will take care of.

-We've got a fantastic quiz that runs for approx. 2 hrs, that includes 
plenty of fun, interactive games so you can have a great time with your family and friends or work colleagues, whether they're in the same house, or a different office, a different state or a different country.  

-Each Quarantine Quiz is followed by a *House Party (*can include, drinking, chatting, dancing, singing etc.) as you are invited to stay on and hang out in your own Team Rooms.

For more detailed information on exactly what you can expect, email us at or through our CONTACT US page for RATES & INFO.


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