“Do you provide audio equipment, paper and pens?”

Yes we do. We have a full professional PA system, including speakers, microphones etc. that can cater from small to very large crowds. All stationery is also provided.

“How long does the event run for?”

A typical corporate or social event will run for 2hours, with our fundraisers running for 3-4 hours depending on the amount of fundraising activities you are including.

(Please Note: Time allocation is specifically designed for fundraising, and not offered for 'extended breaks' i.e. smoking, dinner, socialising etc. If you would like to include extra time, charges apply $50+gst/30mins)


“How many Rounds / Questions do you have?”

Our events include 3 rounds of 20 questions each. The first 2 rounds consist of a wide range of questions that are specifically designed to meet the precise demographic of your attendees. The 3rd round is a ‘Famous Faces Guess Who’ picture round.

“Do you play music between questions/rounds?”

Yes. We play all your favourite tunes that add to the atmosphere of the night. We can also provide music after the trivia has concluded for dancing (perfect for Xmas parties). Additional time is charged at $50+gst / 30mins.


“What games do you play?”

All our games are interactive, fun and very funny, and designed to raise money for your event. We play 1 game (50/50 games) per round that will have an individual winner per game (prize provided by client). The final round also includes our Paper Plane Comp. (great way to raise more money and bring a lot of energy to the room). With games like, Sit Down If..., Sporty or Naughty, Unfortunate Photo, Chuppa Chup or Made Up, Sing Offs, Dance Offs and plenty more, don’t be surprised if they get the whole crowd up on their feet, cheering, laughing and clapping along.

“What prizes do you suggest?”

You can provide a prize for each member of the winning team, or you can do the same for 2nd and 3rd as well. You’ll want donated prizes for Silent/Live Auctions and raffles etc. (we will send you a list of fundraising activities and suggestions upon securing your booking). Wooden spoons for last place is also an option. Prizes can include bottles of wine, box of choccies, store vouchers (iTunes, Coles/Myer etc.), hampers, medals or trophies...it’s up to you.

“How many people would you suggest per team?”

Approximately 4-10 players per team.

“Is there time for breaks during trivia?”

Yes. Players can take small breaks as additional fundraising activities are being run by your TMA host. This is also allocated for Silent Auctions and the selling of raffle tickets etc. (Please Note: Time allocation is specifically there to raise money for your event, and not offered for 'extended breaks' i.e. smoking, dinner, socialising etc. To include extra time, charges apply $50+gst/30mins)


“Are there any additional charges?”

A parking fee may occur if your venue is in a location in which it may require our hosts to secure parking i.e. CBD. A travel/tolls fee may occur if the location of your venue requires our hosts to travel along toll roads and/or further than 30mins outside of the CBD. 

Corporate, Fundraiser & Social Events (rates & info sent on request)

Whether you're looking at bringing your corporate team together for a well deserved, online, face to face, team building experience. Or whether you feel that it's time that your school or sporting club members need to touch base in a fun, safe way. Or even if your friends and your family could use a catch up that is full of fun trivia and games in the comfort of your own home - TMA's Quiz Quarantine is the perfect solution!

How it works:

-You form a team with anyone in your home/office/work space,  OR...with the help of Zoom, you can also form a team through our 'TEAM ROOMS' that can include ANYONE, ANYWHERE (just provide us with an email, and we'll send you you're details for registration and rules of the night for you to distribute to your team). SIMPLE! 

On the Day:

-You register and enter the quiz at the designated time. Team Rooms open prior to the event starting to allow you to start socialising with your team members, with Quiz Quarantine kicking off at your designated time.

-We've got a fantastic quiz that runs for approx. 2 hrs, that includes 

plenty of fun, interactive games so you can have a great time with your family and friends, whether they're in the same house, or a different house, a different state or a different country.  

-Each Quarantine Quiz is followed by a *House Party (*can include, drinking, chatting, dancing, singing etc.) as you are invited to stay on and hang out in your own Team Rooms.

For more detailed information on exactly what you can expect, email us at info@triviamasteraustralia.com.au or through our CONTACT US page for RATES & INFO.



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