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Pub Trivia Nights can generate bumper crowds returning every week. Food flying out of the bistro. Another great take over the bar. A successful night through the gaming lounge. Looks like the TAB did a few more dollars.

‘TMA has been a huge boost for our business during the week. Our Monday night has gone from a usual night to one of our more important days, sales have doubled all due to Trivia. Our host Oscar has some of the most unique trivia games I have seen to date. I could not be happier with the service provided.’ - Hugh Allan, General Manager, The Local Taphouse

‘Trivia has become an institution at the North Bondi RSL running for the last decade, with TMA fostering a large group of loyal and regular customers on a night that should ordinarily be a quieter night for the Club. It has confirmed to me that running trivia is more than just reading out prepared questions; it is actually about engaging and working the crowd, and obviously TMA are the master’s at this.’- Steve Lovat, Licensee at North Bondi RSL 


You’ll find us in the Top 10 Trivia Venues in Sydney…


Trivia Master Australia Will Provide: 

*Funny & Entertaining Trivia Hosts (all professional performers from the entertainment industry)
*Audio Equipment (to cater to any crowd)
*Background Music (all your favourite tunes)
*Trivia Quiz (Standard or Big Screen)
*Games (plenty of laughs)
*Stationery (Answer Sheets /Pens)


Venue Can Provide:

*A popular establishment with a great reputation

*Great food and drinks at very reasonable prices

*A fun and safe environment for people of all ages

*Prizes that can include – meal & drink vouchers, bottles of wine, cash etc.

So when live bands struggle to generate a crowd, and during that poker night the players don’t drink, its easy to see that having a Trivia Master Australia

trivia night at your venue is a sound financial decision.

  • TMA will draw new patrons to your venue.

  • TMA will increase sales over the bar.

  • TMA will increase sales through the restaurant.

  • TMA will increase revenue through the gaming lounge.

  • TMA may even encourage existing customers to stay just that little bit longer at your premises, alternatively, coming in on a night that they might not normally be there.

If you would like to have Trivia Master Australia at your pub, hotel or club, please contact us on (02) 8005 0039 or email us at and one of our sales representatives can come out to meet you and discuss this matter further.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Get all the benefits of a successful trivia night at your venue, whilst using your own host. You can purchase our TMA Weekly Quiz Packs! All Trivia Master Australia quiz questions include a variety of subjects, that you can purchase from week to week. From Celebrity to Sport, TV to Film, History to Geography, Music to cater to all ages, and plenty more.

Your Trivia Master Australia quiz pack will include – Quiz (40 questions = 2 Rounds of 20 questions); Picture Fixture Pages (Visual Questions); Music & Audio questions (Music from the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s & 00′s, Audio Questions including – Name the Movies, Name the TV Shows etc.), Current Affairs Questions; Answer Sheets.

*TMA can provide a Standard Quiz Pack or Big Screen (audio visual) Quiz Pack

*TMA Quiz Pack files (PDF & MP3) are sent via email (standard), or access through our Dropbox account (audio visual). Client must provide applicable AV equipment i.e. projector/screens/tvs etc

*Just print out your required copies

To purchase your fun and exciting weekly TMA quiz question pack, please fill in the TMA Booking Form, alternatively, please email your request to or call our main office on (02) 8005 0039

It’s as easy as contacting us, and we will send you everything you need to produce you weekly trivia night!

‘Don’t let your next event be trivial…let it be TRIVIA!’


How it works: 

-We're on every Monday night!

-You form a team with anyone in your home, can also form a team through our 'TEAM ROOMS' that can include ANYONE, ANYWHERE (just send us the email of each playing person, and we'll send you you're details for registration and rules of the night)  

-You simply register and enter the quiz at the designated time of 7pm. Team Rooms open at 7:15pm, with Quiz Quarantine kicking off at 7:30pm (AEST).

-We've got a fantastic quiz that runs for approx. 2 hrs, that includes 

plenty of fun, interactive games so you can have a great time with your family and friends, whether they're in the same house, or a different house, a different state or a different country.  

-Each Quarantine Quiz is followed by a *House Party (*can include, drinking, chatting, dancing, singing etc.) as you are invited to stay on and hang out in your own Team Rooms.

For more information, contact the Trivia Master Australia Facebook page. See you in Quarantine!

Would you like to have your own Quiz Quarantine? 

Whether it's corporate team building, a school or club fundraiser, or simply your own social event with family, friends & colleagues, we can accomodate you, any time any day. For more information, contact us at or through our CONTACT US page for RATES & INFO.



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“Trivia Master Australia are the Entertainment Specialists!

Low Cost, High Energy. Entertaining & Interactive Trivia Nights.

Fun & Funny Trivia Hosts. No fuss, simple solution.”

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