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With the most affordable & competitive rates for Social Trivia Events in Australia…


  • Funny & Entertaining Trivia Hosts (all professional performers from the entertainment industry)

  • Audio Equipment (to cater to any crowd)

  • Background Music (all your favourite tunes)

  • Trivia Quiz (to cater to all ages & backgrounds)

  • Games (plenty of laughs)

  • Stationery (Answer Sheets /Pens)

  • Have your event hosted by Aussie Actor & Logie Nominee, Jason Montgomery (subject to availability / charges apply)

“you were absolutely amazing! and the whole team had a blast.” 

– Hilda Luong, Finsia

“Look forward to working with you again next year” 

– Natalie Cohen, RICS


“People have responded by saying they really had a great night. ” 

– David Murray, Worksafe Social Club

Bring everyone together for a fun, interactive trivia night for your next private function or social club event that will run smoothly and effortlessly, whilst entertaining everyone involved.

Trivia Master Australia quizzes include a variety of subjects to cater to all age groups, including geography, history, television and movies, music, sport and current events. So regardless of who you are, or what you like, we will be able to adapt your trivia night to suit your needs. And to further entertain your guests, Trivia Master Australia can also conduct additional games and activities, if you just so happen to have a few extra prizes to give away.


RUNNING: 3 rounds of quiz questions, including famous faces, music & *audio/visual questions. Running time 2 hours (Further charges apply for 2 hours+)

TEAM SIZES: Approx. 6-10 people

PRIZES: Suggested 1st 2nd 3rd and last place. (Prizes could include bottles of wine, gift vouchers, lollies & choccies, wooden spoon etc).

GAMES: Heads or Tails / True or False / Epic or Fail / The Eliminator / Paper Plane / TriviArt / Over or Under / and plenty more…


So if this sounds like just the sort of entertainment that you would like to have for your social trivia night, please fill in the TMA Booking Form, or call our main office on (02) 8005 0039 or email us at,

Someone from our friendly team will then be in touch with you regarding your enquiry.

‘It is our objective to turn your social event into a fun, interactive, stimulating, thought provoking night of laughter and excitement that will leave you with something that you will remember, and will definitely want to tell your friends and associates about’


We look forward to hearing from you.

‘Don’t let your next event be trivial…let it be TRIVIA!’

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