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Genda Benda - Trivia or Bingo 

It doesn't get anymore fabulous than the delectable diva, DIAB!

Not only will you have a wonderful evening of Queer Quizzing or Beauties with Balls, but DIAB will delight you with a show within a show. 

Don't miss out. Contact us for rates and info.

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Bogan  - Trivia or Bingo (COMING SOON!)

G'day, ya bunch 'o dickheads. If yup for a top bloody night of sh*ts 'n giggles, then you'd be a f%@kin' drongo not to have Ken Oath host your Trivia or Bingo event. Not for the faint hearted (Ha! That rhymes with 'farted') Contact us for rates and info.

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