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Doing Jigsaw Puzzle
Image by Mel Poole


WELCOME to 'Puzzle Hustle'!

Picture yourself, with your friends and family members, enjoying a beverage and a bite to eat, as you work together to slowly create a beautiful jigsaw puzzle....AHHHH, NOOOOO!!!!!!!
Puzzle Hustle is a 'Race to Place'! It's "Speed Puzzling" at its finest. You're fighting against the clock and other teams to create your puzzle in the fastest time in order to WIN fantastic prizes!!!
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About the event

Puzzle Hussle Competition Rules:

Ticket Sales! - Pre Registering for the event is strongly advised to avoid disappointment. Spaces are limited. 

Standard Ticket - $60+gst per Team + $25+gst Warm-Up Round (optional)


Main Round 

  • 1 x 500 piece puzzle. teams have purchased this puzzle to take home (you might need to flip a coin). The Puzzle for this event is by Australian Made company QPuzzles. 

  • 3 x Entries into the “Lucky Draw” Prize - Winner receives their $60 Registration Fee back in Cash or One spin of the Jackpot wheel.

 Warm-up Round Registration 

  • Registration for the additional 100 piece puzzle Warm Up round, registering teams must select this at registration.

  • The Fee for this additional round is $25+gst and entitles the team to:                                                                                                                                           

    • 1 x 100 piece puzzle QPuzzles

    • 1 x Additional Entry into the "Lucky Draw Prize"

  • Teams registering for the Warm-up Round MUST also register for the Main Round

 Entry Requirements 

  • Teams can register to have a maximum of 4 players

  • Players under 16 must be registered in a Team with at least one player 18 years or older

  • Teams may register less than 4 players, however the Registration Fee will not be discounted.

In addition to these rules, the venue operates under the following age restrictions which MUST be adhered to.

Any minors cannot be signed in and must be accompanied by an adult.

The adult may not leave the area whilst supervising a minor.

Per Venue Constitution:

(i) A Temporary member may bring into the non restricted areas of the Club premises as the guest of that Temporary member a minor:

(a) who at all times while on the Club premises remains in the company and immediate presence of that Temporary member; and (b) who does not remain on the Club premises any longer than that Temporary member; (c) in relation to whom the member is a responsible adult.

(j) For the purposes of example of “responsible adult” means an adult who is: (a) a parent, step-parent or guardian of the minor; or (b) the minor’s spouse or de facto partner; (c) for the time being, standing in as the parent of the minor.


Free Puzzle Swap

In addition to the competition events, we will be facilitating a Free Puzzle Swap system at the event, which you do not have to register for the event to utilise! There will be "Free Puzzle Swap" table. All you have to do is take a puzzle and leave a puzzle of the same piece count or higher than the one you take! Every successful swap will earn you 1 x entry into the Lucky Draw Prize.

Warm up Round

  • Teams will race to complete a 100 piece puzzle in the fastest time

  • This round will only go ahead if at least 5 Teams also register for the Warm-Up Round prior to exactly 2 weeks before the start time of the Event                       

    • If a Warm-Up Round does not go ahead, Teams will be notified and refunded the additional fee.

  • The winning team will receive the choice to choose their prize between either;                                                                                               

    • Food/Soft Drink Voucher for the venue

    • 1 x Spin of the Jackpot wheel. Jackpot starts at $100 then increases by $50 for each event at the venue in which the Jackpot was not won.

    • A mystery advantage in the Main Round, to be drawn from the mystery advantage bag

  • Time Limit:                                                                                               

    • This Round has a max. time limit of 30 minutes.


Main Round

  • Teams will race to complete a 500 piece puzzle in the fastest time

  • The winning team will receive the Main Prize: $120 in Cash

  • If at least 5 teams register with only One player there will be an additional prize for the fastest Solo Team of: $100 in Cash

  • If at least 5 Teams register with only Two players, there will be an additional prize for the fastest Doubles Team of: $100 in Cash

  • If not enough Teams register for the Solo or Doubles prizes to be open, those teams must compete against ALL teams for the Main Prize

  • Each Team may only win ONE prize:                                                                                               

    • E.g. If a Team of 2 finish with the fastest overall time they will only receive the Main Prize, not the Doubles Prize.

  Time Limit:                                                                                         

  • This round does not have a time limit. However, The event will officially conclude at 21:30. Teams who have not finished may continue their puzzle however Event Staff may not remain at the venue, and Teams must leave the venue per venue Operating Hours.

Schedule  18:00 - Sign in. Each team will receive a card/voucher that they must hand in at the start of the rounds to redeem their puzzle.  18:45 - Warm-up Round  19:15 - Lucky Draw Prize 19:30 - Main Round  21:30 - Event Officially ends but guests may stay per venue operating hours.                                 

Puzzle Rules

  • Arrive Early so that both rounds can start on time. Teams are encouraged to order food and drinks from the bar and bistro at the venue.

  • DO NOT open or take the plastic seal off from the Puzzle Box until instructed to do so

  • DO NOT interfere with any other Teams or their puzzle.

  • Some Teams may have to share a Table, please be conscious of this and be considerate.

  • Teams may eat and drink at the tables while completing their puzzle, again, please be conscious of other Team’s space and their puzzle

  • NO headlight torches are allowed during the event.

  • NO Tilting Puzzle Boards are allowed, puzzles must be completed flat on the tables provided

  • When you think your team has CORRECTLY finished your puzzle:                                                                                               

    • LOUDLY make it clear that your team has finished

    • The Event Official will note down the elapsed time then head over to check your puzzle

    • Penalties will be applied as follow                                                                                                                                                                           

      • 5 Minute penalty added to your team’s time for every TWO pieces found to be in the incorrect places

      • 10 Second penalty added for every piece missing.

      • Teams may be disqualified at the discretion of the Event Official and Teams will not be eligible for a refund.  

Lucky Draw Prize

  • The Lucky Draw prize will be drawn just prior to the start of the Main Round. The Lucky Draw prize winning team will be able to choose their prize from either:                                                                                               

    • Their $60 Registration Fee back in Cash (or $60 if winning draw was from the puzzle swap or and early bird ticket)

    • 1 x Spin of the Jackpot Wheel.

    • This will take place AFTER the winner of the Warm Up Round has spun the wheel if they chose that prize. If the Warm-Up Round winner successfully won the Jackpot, the Lucky Draw prize winner may still choose to spin the Jackpot but the Jackpot will be reset to $100. The Jackpot for the next event will remain $100 despite this occurrence no matter the result of the Lucky Draw prize winner’s Jackpot Wheel result.

Current Jackpot Value: $150  

Refund Policy

  • Teams who cancel their entry prior to exactly 3 weeks before the event start time are eligible for a 100% refund

  • Teams who cancel their entry between prior to exactly 2 weeks before the event start time are eligible for a 50% Refund

  • Teams who cancel their entry after exactly 2 weeks before the event start time are not eligible to receive a refund.

Event Cancellation

  • If for whatever reason the event is canceled, all registered Teams will receive a 100% refund. This includes cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to the start time of the event.


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